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Doctor Access Blog - Switch from DAO Recordset to Pass-through Query
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# Tuesday, August 27, 2013

As I stated in my previous post, I was wanting to expand my use of pass-through queries when working with my SQL data.  It just so happened that one of the places where I knew that I wanted to make this change was actually in the same area where I was getting the error messages when the application failed.

I took the time to completely change the method I was using to return a very small amount of data.  I implemented the use of a pass-through query.  I must admit that in my testing during this development change I did not notice a significant change in the speed at which the data was returned.

After making this change and feeling good about moving from DAO record set to direct access to the data with the pass-through query, I was again ready to tackle my unresolved issue and try to get my application to work with the MS Access runtime version, especially on a Windows XP machine.

I decided to try making an accde version of the application and give it a try.  To my surprise when I opened my application on the XP machine usinig the accde file with the runtime version, I was able to use the application and did not received any of the error messages that I had previously received.

This means that now I can deploy my application using the MS Access 2010 runtime version and all I have to use is the accde type file.

As I start to deploy the application I will be posting back here to share any experiences.

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